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Tasty Roses you can eat , Perfect as a gift!

Roti jala or Roti Kirai is a popular Malay snack, a savory crepe consisting of flour, eggs, milk, and Literally translated, roti jala means net bread, referring to its intricate net design inspired by the nets of Malaysian fishermen.

The snack is commonly served warm alongside curries (especially potato and chicken curry), and it is recommended to pair it with a cup of tea. Traditionally, it is prepared for numerous Malaysian festivities and celebrations such as weddings and birthdays.

Here at Anakmak we fluttered these traditional Roti Kirai into roses , the hipster way named Kirai Rose while still preserving its traditional taste .

These beautiful Kirai Rose can also be serve as a side dessert served with chocolate dip or pandan kaya .

Perfect for a gift for your kind of event.

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