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What makes your brand interesting and speaks out for you?

The story behind the brand ANAKMAK, - A mother's child

Anakmak which means a Mother's child in Malay is a nickname that is used to describe a 'spoiled' chlid. It is commonly used when a child is very attached to their mums. BUT it can also means otherwise.

When i started this small home base in 2020 , it was during Lockdown , lost my job due to pandemic and my first order was in the month of Ramadhan. It started out with a help. Badak berendam ( soaking hippo) was my first order.

(um.. we'll get there in my next blog post ;) )

I couldn't think of any other brand name except for Anakmak cause cooking and selling from home reminds me of my childhood and Mak

It was four of us, we were very young and life was simple. but tough. Mak and Ayah were so busy working to raise us up. Mak would cook her delicious food and delicacies for Ayah to sell to his collegues to have an extra income. It was all through these moments, without me realizing that i actually picked up some skills from her.

Her delicious recipes, skills are my inspirations and i am gald that i am able to share it with you.


For enquiries kindly drop us an email :

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